It has been a busy first few months at Blair Recruitment with the focus being firmly on making these first few placements and not on other important matters such as building this website and certainly not on riding my bike….

I was out riding my bike with my club GGCC yesterday (in the rain), for the first time in ages and I started to think about Recruitment. As every recruiter knows, there are many highs and lows and the road is very seldom entirely straight or even.

We had recently descended to the north side of a famous climb – “The Tak ma doon Road”, and I reflected on the delight of the summiting and subsequent descent as compared to the relative pain of the ascent.

It’s what we love about it, it’s what drives us. It’s why we do it. It’s the memory of the success, of the sense of achievement that keeps us going through tough conditions. And it’s the relationships we build along the way, the journey we share with others and our combined experiences together. It’s being willing to do the hard stuff again and again and happily take the rough with the smooth. It’s about the risks and about pushing ourselves beyond what is comfortable.

Recruitment, I believe, is a fairly complex process involving various people with differing needs, wants and objectives. It requires careful management of these issues and careful nurturing of relationships on a long term basis. It often requires us to put other people’s interests ahead of our own and to do the right thing. It requires us above all, to be driven by a desire to do the best possible job for our clients, candidates, future clients and future candidates and indeed the wider population within our recruitment universe.

The careful preparation, the route planning, the training, the equipment selection, the maintenance of said equipment and the setup for the day’s activity all goes unseen as we effortlessly (ahem!) reach our summit and complete our objectives.